The Cabinet Maker

Suppose you were a Jewish cabinet maker the day before Jesus was crucified. Since you didn’t produce crops or livestock, you wouldn’t have been a “tither”; that is, the Levites would have collected nothing from you pertaining to the tithe.

The next day, Jesus was crucified, providing atonement for the sins of all mankind and unleashing God’s free gift of salvation on the world.

The following day, you accepted God’s gift. According to the church, you immediately incurred a minimum required financial debt to God equal to ten percent of all the money you would ever make for the rest of your life, payable to your local church (which, by the way, didn’t even exist yet).

So, the day before Jesus died, you were not required to tithe; the day after Jesus died, you were required to tithe. The only thing that happened in between was that you secured eternal life by believing in the Savior who died for your sins. And as a result of that one decision, according to the church, you now owe God ten percent of all your money and it must be given to them.

Tithing doesn’t make common sense much less biblical sense. Salvation is free. You owe nothing to God in return. Believing you owe anything to God when you accept His free gift is an absolute insult to the ultimate price that Jesus paid.

Support your local church, but don’t be so blasphemous as to consider it payment of a financial debt owed to God. Give from your heart; that’s all He truly requires.